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Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz 12. in aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue

Closed: 1509667200 (1509667200)

1. Staupes. 2. Cherry Willingham. 3. Tealby. 4. Saffron Walden. 5. Limehillock. 6. Trusthorpe. 7. Brownbread Street. 8. Copperhouse. 9. Blackrod. 10. Bryan?s Green. 11. Brassington 12. Blue Bell Hill. 13. Fawnog. 14. Whitehaven. 15. Lamberhurst. 16. Golden Balls. 17. Hunstanton. 18. Silverstone. 19. Red Roses 20. Charlemont. 21. Hathersage. 22. Twineham 23. Chestnut Street. 24. Little Plumpton. 25. Blackjack 26. Almondbank 27. Cumbernauld. 28. Grayshott. 29. Sunset 30. Darby Green. 31. Liverpool. 32. Grayingham. 33. Queen Camel. 34. Camberwell. 35. Canary Wharf. 36. Orange Row. 37. Wheatcroft 38. Creamore Bank. 39. Ginger?s Green. 40. Shoreditch. 41. Livermead. 42. Blackhorse. 43. Snow Lea. 44. Pinkie Braes. 45. Grange-over-Sands. 46. Greystoke. 47. Rosemarket. 48. Salmonby. 49. Brownsburn. 50. Ingoldmells. 51. Olive Mount. 52. Thistleton 53. Bufflers Holt. 54. Mulberry. 55. Drabblegate. 56. Marylebone. 57. Blackdyke. 58. Coffee Hall. 59. Sandown. 60. Amen Corner. Qu.26, I allowed Almondbury/Hazelbank/Hazelbeach & Hazelgrove as alternative answers. Whilst there isn?t a follow on quiz I am looking at compiling one for possibly Spring 2018. Once ready I will contact everyone for whom I have email addresses but please don?t feel compelled to purchase, if you do not want to partake in any future quizzes either reply asking not to be contacted again or delete. I will of course enter full details on the Fundraising and AnswerBank sites and local newspapers. Total sales for this quiz plus extra donations amounted to £229 and now makes a running total of £2694, an amount I couldn?t have achieved without your ongoing support, so a huge Thank You to you all. Winner of £10 prize drawn out of 'all correct' returned sheets: Mr Steve Giffard. Manselton. Swansea. Winner of £5 prize picked at random from 'all' returned sheets: Mrs. Lynne Minion. Bolton. Lancs. Congratulations to both.

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Closed: 1509148800 (1509148800)

TRAINS, BOATS AND PLANES ? ANSWERS We would like to thank all of you who bought the quiz - you raised £516, which is greatly appreciated. The standard of answers was, as usual, very high. The winner is K. TYLER, LEICESTER, who had all answers correct. Congratulations! Many thanks to our friends at home and abroad who helped us sell it, online quiz sites, and also our regular stockists: ALBY GARAGE; M.F. BARNWELL & SON, AYLSHAM; COXFORDS BUTCHERS, AYLSHAM; DEERS MEAD AND DEERS GLADE CARAVAN SITES; EAST RUNTON BUTCHERS; ELITE CABS, NORTH WALSHAM; THE BIG C CHARITY SHOPS IN CROMER AND SHERINGHAM, THE COTTAGE, CROMER; THE HAIG CLUB, MUNDESLEY; WEST RUNTON SOCIAL CLUB; THE VILLAGE INN, WEST RUNTON. We couldn?t do it without your help! 1. First craft? NOAH'S ARK 2. Dear me! Didn't get her stout! OH MR. PORTER 3. Miserable in the raincoats! THE BLUE MAX 4. The exciting experience with Greek god! THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE 5. Behave like a dragon! SPITFIRE 6. Push in rudely? BARGE 7. Feeling of harmony? CONCORDE 8. Looking dirty! DINGHY 9. The one that got away! RUNAWAY TRAIN 10. Tin, in a western border river? CATAMARAN 11. Marine has received message! (jolly=marine) JOLLY ROGER 12. Idle talk, sweet on a train! (nougat) CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO 13. Position former journalists? ORIENT EXPRESS 14. Meaner prison! (tighter, nick) TITANIC 15. Drink with shearer! TEA CLIPPER 16. Dapper idiot! (Howard Hughes' plane) SPRUCE GOOSE 17. Mother has got fat! MALLARD 18. The race for old ammunition? THE CANNONBALL RUN 19. Badly functioning toilets! (naughty, loos) NAUTILUS 20. Jock is airborne! THE FLYING SCOTSMAN 21. History of Greek letter? THE LIFE OF PI 22. Two transports for goods? FREIGHT TRAIN, FREIGHT TRAIN 23. Where in the court we hit our tennis ball to! IN WHICH WE SERVE 24. Like an Irish racecourse? CURRAGH 25. Fairground ride? GHOST TRAIN 26. Hasten to stick! HURRICANE 27. A waterproof substance? (a wax) AWACS (AIRBORNE WARNING AND CONTROL SYSYEM) 28. Father's footwear! DAS BOOT 29. Exemplary railroad! MODEL RAILWAY 30. Able to withstand a cruise ship! CANBERRA 31. Arrive at junction? COMET 32. Almost happy, got up! MARY ROSE 33. Heavens! Air for craft! THE SKYE BOAT SONG 34. Cautious! (wary) WHERRY 35. Early metropolitan transport? MORNINGTOWN RIDE 36. Gromit, perhaps! BEAGLE 37. The search for autumn colour? THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 38. Chief weapon? TOP GUN 39. Wrecker! DESTROYER 40. The escape of the mythical bird? THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX 41. Nefertiti, for example? THE AFRICAN QUEEN 42. Safe haven for jewels? PEARL HARBOUR 43. Protection against loss ? twice! DOUBLE INDEMNITY 44. What woodpeckers do! (peck wood) PEQUOD 45. Lack of road for Nevil? (book by Nevil Shute) NO HIGHWAY 46. Abducted! KIDNAPPED 47. More peculiar child going by rail? STRANGERS ON A TRAIN 48. Always finish! (end, ever) ENDEAVOUR 49. The occasional attempt! (odd, essay) THE ODYSSEY 50. The final goodbye! THE LAST FAREWELL As you know, this is our final quiz. We would like to thank all of you who bought them over the last ten years, and we hope you've had a lot of fun with them. If you have any queries, or would like to use our previous quizzes for your own fundraising, please do get in touch with us at: OR Keep Moat, The Street, Erpingham, Norfolk NR11 7QB Best wishes to you all, Anna and Glyn Osgothorpe

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