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Emily's Fun Quiz in aid of Costa Rica project

Closed: 1610323200 (1610323200)

EMILY?S FUN QUIZ Thank you to everyone who entered Emily?s Fun Quiz which raised around £150 towards the cost of Emily?s project in Costa Rica in July 2021. As you will appreciate, the opportunities for ordinary fundraising have been severely limited because of coronavirus, so the quiz was even more important. Thank you to everyone who supported us, and thank you to so many people who sent best wishes to Emily as she prepares for her adventure of a lifetime. She was really pleased to see so many words of encouragement. Every one of the 59 entrants scored at least 76½ points out of 80, which was pretty impressive. With such a tight competition, we had to be fairly ruthless in our marking, allowing half a point where only part of the answer was right, but being generous where an answer fitted the bill, even though it was different from our answers. We had to hold a draw a winner from those who scored 80 points, and the winner was Lynne Porter from Tring in Hertfordshire. Congratulations to Lynn and everyone who scored full marks. Quite a few people said how much they had enjoyed the quiz, and that was nice to hear. The answers are as follows, although, as we say, we did accept some alternative answers, and/or gave a half point where appropriate. 1 Score 50 points at Wedgewood?s retail outlet? A bull in a china shop 2 GerMCmolene A fly in the ointment 3 Swallow Kermit? Careful, you may get this A Frog in the throat 4 A lover?s gift at Christmas ? every day! A Partridge in a pear tree 5 Queen Vic?s man meets Jonathan Albatross 6 Why you can trust Jumbo to remember An elephant never forgets 7 Ooh, itchy, better change your trousers Ants in your pants 8 Flying foxes here in this church tower? Bats in the belfry 9 A cuddle from Mr Grylls? Bear hug 10 One of the four from Liverpool produce the drink Beetle juice 11 Dark (but funny) mathematician on TV Black Adder 12 Everyone is said to have one such relative Black sheep of the family 13 A canine representation of English resolve British bulldog 14 Christmas friend with the jumpy insects Buddy Holly and the Crickets 15 This really frustrates big ears Bugs Bunny 16 Caressed by this dairy flyer in the pool Butterfly stroke 17 A short feline snooze Catnap 18 He thought the sky was falling, and went to tell the King Chicken Licken 19 Liz?s dog?s playthings? Corgi toys 20 A bovine with an entrance produces milk and more Cow and Gate 21 The Osmond?s sohres Crazy Horses 22 The snapper from Scotland (well, Australia really!) Crocodile Dundee 23 A snappy tune from Mr John Crocodile Rock 24 Is this snapper really sad? Crocodile tears 25 Don?t mess with this rodent Danger Mouse 26 Deceased before taking action, twice Dead as a Dodo 27 An expensive titfer to follow the herd Deerstalker hat 28 Sounds like it was watched by the eaters Dinosaur 29 Initially, the day of greatness becomes fatigued Dog tired 30 Trump?s personal bath toy, perhaps? Donald Duck 31 Sounds like man from La Mancha, on Blackpool beach Donkey rides 32 Nelly meets Windsor in South London Elephant and Castle 33 KItjumbochen ? unspoken! Elephant in the room 34 The bird covers have an endless ship Feather boa 35 Cunning creature fits on your hand in the garden Foxglove 36 They took him to Lilliput, and elsewhere Gulliver?s Travels 37 Much married King creates on his wheel Harry Potter 38 Is this very large swimmer enjoying himself? Having a whale of a time 39 This design could get stuck in your throat ? very fishy Herringbone 40 Sounds like a sore throat with a wig Horse hair 41 Starving animal who likes to wallow Hungry Hippo 42 I hear a Beatle say ??. I am the Walrus 43 This bird is in danger crossing the street Jay walker 44 Where jumpers are tried, perhaps Kangaroo court 45 The ones who go out in the sun at noon Mad Dogs and Englishmen 46 What inside spies may leave on the grass Molehills 47 The French simian said it was his clé ? what a tool! Monkey wrench 48 Old meat wears clothes of a younger version Mutton dressed as lamb 49 Charles? mistress packs a case before running away Nelly the Elephant 50 Nicky up in Scotland does operation while taking tea Nicola Sturgeon 51 Dismissed without scoring Out for a duck 52 An origami cat? Paper tiger 53 How this bird walks, perhaps Pigeon toed 54 To keep the hogs warm, especially at Christmas? Yum yum! Pigs in blankets 55 Sellers tried to retrieve this gem ? several times Pink Panther 56 £25, and a con Pony and trap 57 A chess piece, but with direction. Must be mad! Prawn crackers 58 Manfred sang about her ? lovely long legs! Pretty Flamingo 59 Out of breath William to make this train Puffing Billy 60 Dick was brave ? he had a feline ticker! Richard the Lionheart 61 Stealing part of a cloak? Maybe he?ll give it to the poor? Robin Hood 62 This song was confirmed by osculation Sealed with a Kiss 63 Ailing like a pretty bird Sick as a parrot 64 The baby baa baas are extremely quiet! Silence of the Lambs 65 Former Scottish minister, without starting a day, on fire? Smoked salmon 66 Saw her ?S?, on the internet, we hear? Spider?s web 67 This feline thinks he?s the best - maybe needs a shave? The Cat?s whiskers 68 The strange book of the canine at sleep time The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 69 24 hours belonging to this wolf-like creature The Day of the Jackal 70 Why the big bird is at the Heathrow arrivals The Eagle has Landed 71 Wsiinmtbear The Lion in Winter 72 ?but Leo gets the biggest portion The Lion?s share 73 Ravenous, sounds like the feline, her column! The Very Hungry Caterpillar 74 Three quite different builders who learned a lesson Three Little Pigs 75 How to secure that jumper, Cobber! Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport 76 ABYNATTERJACKSS Toad in the Hole 77 An unwanted gift found in jumble sale White elephant 78 Which person set up the bunny? Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 79 A non-politically correct way of catching attention Wolf whistle 80 He finds a safe place to cross the road Zebra crossing Thank you again ? we will be doing a quiz for another charity soon, and will send you all a copy in due course. Chris Twydell

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