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Names in aid of Trachoma section of Sightsavers

Closed: 1646006400 (1646006400)

thank you 1. She likes small French shell-shaped cakes (10:5) madeleines 2. He may live near Wellington (3,9:4) New Zealander 3. He uses this to clean his teeth (6,5:3) dental floss 4. The Queen had one in 1992 (5,10:3) annus horribilis 5. Grassland area with few trees (8:4) savannah 6. Sark is one (7,6:4) Channel Island 7. He is found in places where women rule (12:6) matriarchies 8. She could be deadly poisonous (10:5) belladonna 9. Emperor?s abscess could be involved in making steel (8,7:4) Bessemer process 10. 109 (7:4) billion 11. The tale of a hedgehog, mouse and rabbits (3,3,3,7:3) Rag, Tag and Bobtail 12. Car halted maybe for her building (9:4) cathedral 13. Red wine for her (6:5) Claret 14. Does he like this cheese? (6,4:3) Danish blue 15. A dead body for him. (7:4) cadaver 16. The garden is where he can be seen (5:5) Denis 17. Not a radio for her (9:4) adoration 18. He likes these deep-fried sweet snacks (9:4) doughnuts 19. The way he moves gives him away (4,8:5) body language 20. She?ll need this when it?s raining (8:4) umbrella 21. She is seen with dim male (7:4) dilemma 22. He can be found inside The Old Glory (8,4:4) American flag 23. She was near where Abraham pitched his tent (6:5) Bethel 24. Retro small scented sweets for her (6,4:5) floral gums 25. He keeps bringing these to Rosemary (11,10:5) frankfurter sandwiches 26. He said, ?Right? (4:4) Fred 27. Cheap accommodation provided for her (5,3,6:5) grace and favour 28. His choir sings unaccompanied sacred songs (9,6:4) Gregorian chants 29. He is at this US celebration. (12:4) thanksgiving 30. She will be there if you heat her bedroom (7:7) heather 31. Facial features which are smiling (5,4:4) Irish eyes 32. He is in this bed (5:4) divan 33. She can be found in a group of prestigious US universities (3,6:3) Ivy League 34. Tap Jock maybe to win this (7:4) Jackpot 35. She has thin tethering straps (6:4) jesses 36. Does he wear these at bedtime? (3-4:3) jim-jams 37. Be quick to catch sight of her (3,4,6,2:4) get your skates on 38. This lad?s in the narrow part of the road (10:3) bottleneck 39. He can change colours easily (9:4) chameleon 40. He can be found in a group of owls (10:4) parliament 41. Is she weak and cowardly? (4-7:4) lily-livered 42. She likes this spicy condiment (6,5:4) chilli sauce 43. He is rather tepid (8:4) lukewarm 44. He asks people what they think (6,10:4) Market researcher 45. She prefers red, yellow or blue (7,6:4) Primary colour 46. He likes this brand of coffee (7,5:3) Maxwell House 47. She can be found at the end of an alphabet (5:3) omega 48. She is in my raincoat (4:4) Myra 49. Once a marathon (8:4) Snickers 50. She listened to the ocean (4:4) Nina 51. She doesn?t know much (8:4) ignorant 52. She is idly daydreaming (4-9:4) wool-gathering 53. You can find him in Hugo?s car (5:5) Oscar 54. Low handles may be best for non-swimmer (7,3:4) shallow end 55. Her emails are sent to trash (4:3) spam 56. He plays in a brass band (9:5) trumpeter 57. She rules the waves (9:4) Britannia 58. Where the mayor gets changed (6,4:5) robing room 59. He studies the stars (10:3) astronomer 60. UK worldwide impartial humanitarian network (7,3,5:4) British Red Cross 61. She never tells lies (8:4) truthful 62. He likes this Indian dish (7:4) biryani 63. He was not deliberately thrown overboard (7:3) flotsam 64. She uses this when she blows her nose (6:3) tissue 65. She looks after her guests (7:4) hostess 66. Nice carton could hold her musical instrument (10:4) concertina 67. He has absolutely no money (5-5:4) stony-broke 68. The truth about her rave city (8:4) veracity 69. He?s in this administrative district (8:5) province 70. He can do this ballroom dance (8,5:4) Viennese waltz

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Castles of England in aid of Consett Lions

Closed: 1620259200 (1620259200)

1 100, alternative choice, iron CORFE 2 Almost murder Gregory KILPECK 3 Almost two points EASTNOR 4 Alternative car manufacturer ORFORD 5 Aquatic mammal I hear BELVOIR 6 Avoid heavy weight SKIPTON 7 Bad weather in Scottish dance RESTORMEL 8 Bill can dock here PORTLAND 9 Bluebirds were here DOVER 10 Bubble burst on this island SOUTHSEA 11 Can be drunk on a dead mans by Bess PORTCHESTER 12 Central radio amateur MIDDLEHAM 13 Chose next rum HERSTMONCEUX 14 Colour one hair product TINTAGEL 15 Cooling the pig CHILLINGHAM 16 Could be a London concert venue? WIGMORE 17 Cover the prickles with soil THORNBURY 18 Cricket match for pigs? ODIHAM 19 Dennis Skinner's beastly home BOLSOVER 20 Doc Martin loses two points CLUN 21 Dominic was here for his eyes BARNARD CASTLE 22 Don't start or finish award for candle burner WARWICK 23 Entrance for shredded clothing TATTERSHALL 24 Find herbs at this fair SCARBOROUGH 25 Four wheeled horse drawn carriage BROUGHAM 26 Fruit next to APPLEBY 27 Hand out the cards DEAL 28 Has bee weapon in middle HASTINGS 29 He lived at Thornfield Hall ROCHESTER 30 Head of law has sheep LEWES 31 How much for part of a Scottish hat TAMWORTH 32 I hear you ask about value of a dog's house KENILWORTH 33 I heard you chose some jewellery PICKERING 34 Is it a pile, not quite PIEL 35 It?s a mixture of ytterbium and argon RABY 36 Keep going up CASTLE RISING 37 Keep this dry for amateur actor POWDERHAM 38 Late back ETAL 39 Left weeds beheaded LEEDS 40 Light, moderate, gentle or strong; alternative WINDSOR 41 Little Edward has heather for boiled or roast swine EDLINGHAM 42 Map meadow CHARTLEY 43 Maybe Allan Hull?s home LINDISFARNE 44 Miss the ocean SKIPSEA 45 Mix loads and add Jamaican spirit OLD SARUM 46 Mix sable with the last bIt of gravy BELSAY 47 Monarch uses bad language KINGSWEAR 48 Noah's wasn't old NEWARK 49 Not as cold I hear WALMER 50 Not bad or ugly with lots of money GOODRICH 51 Not odd in confused Scottish river PEVENSEY 52 Not warmed up COOLING 53 Part of Freddie from My Fair Lady EYNSFORD 54 Part of him sang about a lady in red BURGH 55 Quickly into this facial feature DARTMOUTH 56 Rude hop PRUDHOE 57 Scottish smallholding CROFT 58 Shade of green LINCOLN 59 Shakespeare followed by Spain and Norway BARDEN 60 Sounds like a tree could be close by a famous maze OKEHAMPTON 61 Sounds like one professor AYDON 62 The end of this flower of the north east TYNEMOUTH 63 This is pointless, look both ways at barrier THIRLWALL 64 Three directions for Miss Peep BOWES 65 Tonal ALTON 66 Trap flame thrower PENDRAGON 67 Twelve inches on the beach SANDSFOOT 68 Warning road slopes CAMBER 69 Water crossing for a livery company GUILDFORD 70 Write to a comic menace PENDENNIS Raising just over £100, the winner was M.McGregor from Perth, with the random £5 prise going to S.Smith in Buckinghamshire

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