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Names in aid of Trachoma section of Sightsavers

Closed: 1646006400 (1646006400)

thank you 1. She likes small French shell-shaped cakes (10:5) madeleines 2. He may live near Wellington (3,9:4) New Zealander 3. He uses this to clean his teeth (6,5:3) dental floss 4. The Queen had one in 1992 (5,10:3) annus horribilis 5. Grassland area with few trees (8:4) savannah 6. Sark is one (7,6:4) Channel Island 7. He is found in places where women rule (12:6) matriarchies 8. She could be deadly poisonous (10:5) belladonna 9. Emperor?s abscess could be involved in making steel (8,7:4) Bessemer process 10. 109 (7:4) billion 11. The tale of a hedgehog, mouse and rabbits (3,3,3,7:3) Rag, Tag and Bobtail 12. Car halted maybe for her building (9:4) cathedral 13. Red wine for her (6:5) Claret 14. Does he like this cheese? (6,4:3) Danish blue 15. A dead body for him. (7:4) cadaver 16. The garden is where he can be seen (5:5) Denis 17. Not a radio for her (9:4) adoration 18. He likes these deep-fried sweet snacks (9:4) doughnuts 19. The way he moves gives him away (4,8:5) body language 20. She?ll need this when it?s raining (8:4) umbrella 21. She is seen with dim male (7:4) dilemma 22. He can be found inside The Old Glory (8,4:4) American flag 23. She was near where Abraham pitched his tent (6:5) Bethel 24. Retro small scented sweets for her (6,4:5) floral gums 25. He keeps bringing these to Rosemary (11,10:5) frankfurter sandwiches 26. He said, ?Right? (4:4) Fred 27. Cheap accommodation provided for her (5,3,6:5) grace and favour 28. His choir sings unaccompanied sacred songs (9,6:4) Gregorian chants 29. He is at this US celebration. (12:4) thanksgiving 30. She will be there if you heat her bedroom (7:7) heather 31. Facial features which are smiling (5,4:4) Irish eyes 32. He is in this bed (5:4) divan 33. She can be found in a group of prestigious US universities (3,6:3) Ivy League 34. Tap Jock maybe to win this (7:4) Jackpot 35. She has thin tethering straps (6:4) jesses 36. Does he wear these at bedtime? (3-4:3) jim-jams 37. Be quick to catch sight of her (3,4,6,2:4) get your skates on 38. This lad?s in the narrow part of the road (10:3) bottleneck 39. He can change colours easily (9:4) chameleon 40. He can be found in a group of owls (10:4) parliament 41. Is she weak and cowardly? (4-7:4) lily-livered 42. She likes this spicy condiment (6,5:4) chilli sauce 43. He is rather tepid (8:4) lukewarm 44. He asks people what they think (6,10:4) Market researcher 45. She prefers red, yellow or blue (7,6:4) Primary colour 46. He likes this brand of coffee (7,5:3) Maxwell House 47. She can be found at the end of an alphabet (5:3) omega 48. She is in my raincoat (4:4) Myra 49. Once a marathon (8:4) Snickers 50. She listened to the ocean (4:4) Nina 51. She doesn?t know much (8:4) ignorant 52. She is idly daydreaming (4-9:4) wool-gathering 53. You can find him in Hugo?s car (5:5) Oscar 54. Low handles may be best for non-swimmer (7,3:4) shallow end 55. Her emails are sent to trash (4:3) spam 56. He plays in a brass band (9:5) trumpeter 57. She rules the waves (9:4) Britannia 58. Where the mayor gets changed (6,4:5) robing room 59. He studies the stars (10:3) astronomer 60. UK worldwide impartial humanitarian network (7,3,5:4) British Red Cross 61. She never tells lies (8:4) truthful 62. He likes this Indian dish (7:4) biryani 63. He was not deliberately thrown overboard (7:3) flotsam 64. She uses this when she blows her nose (6:3) tissue 65. She looks after her guests (7:4) hostess 66. Nice carton could hold her musical instrument (10:4) concertina 67. He has absolutely no money (5-5:4) stony-broke 68. The truth about her rave city (8:4) veracity 69. He?s in this administrative district (8:5) province 70. He can do this ballroom dance (8,5:4) Viennese waltz

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Closed: 1630713600 (1630713600)

COLOURFUL - ANSWERS We would like to thank all of you who bought the quiz, and the Fundraising Quizzes site who advertised it - you raised £250, which is greatly appreciated by BREAK. The standard of entries was, as usual, very high, but there was only one with 39 correct answers. Congratulations to the winner, Sue Jones, Mickleover, and commiserations to the others! 1. A! THE SCARLET LETTER 2. Musical instrument, and French! VIOLET 3. Where Richard of York gave battle in vain! SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW 4. Brownie leader? BROWN OWL 5. Thank you for school exercise! TAUPE 6. Miserable in the highest degree? THE BLUE MAX 7. Wise man, but naïve! SAGE GREEN 8. What the boar intended! PIGMENT 9. Last chance to pay your bill? RED LETTER DAY 10. As colourless as possible! A WHITER SHADE OF PALE 11. Small dark container! (song) LITTLE BROWN JUG 12. Illicit trade? BLACK MARKET 13. Tree stripped of blossom in spring! (song) LILAC 14. Extremely like the sea! ULTRAMARINE 15. Precious stone on tree? (moth) OAK EMERALD 16. Morning Star hits 50! RED RAG TO A BULL 17. Shout like a cow? YELLOW 18. Sharp and stout! (bitter and Guinness) BLACK AND TAN 19. Church dignitary? CARDINAL 20. Appears occasionally twice in a month? BLUE MOON 21. Suntanned? BRONZE 22. Originally provided by shellfish? (murex) PURPLE 23. Dark and gorgeous! BLACK BEAUTY 24. Fruit of nut tree? A SILVER NUTMEG AND A GOLDEN PEAR 25. The bride! THE WOMAN IN WHITE 26. Soviet naval officer? RED ADMIRAL 27. Attractive pink bird! PRETTY FLAMINGO 28. Fan of vine fruit! (grape lover) GREY PLOVER 29. The peasant's barometer was never found! THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL 30. American paper money! GREENBACK 31. Quiet and in a hurry, but sad! PRUSSIAN BLUE 32. Halfpenny! (butterfly) SMALL COPPER 33. It has the Midas touch! GOLDFINGER 34. Huntsman's colour? PINK 35. Got up crosser! ROSE MADDER 36. Mother, you have colour! MAUVE 37. None reside on the golf course! OLIVE GREEN 38. Optimistic view of bleak situation? SILVER LINING 39. Dirty post! BLACKMAIL 40. Gilded goodbye! GOLDEN HANDSHAKE We haven't got a new quiz ready to be issued at the moment, but we hope to do another one in time for the Christmas holiday season. We will contact you all in due course. If you have any queries, please contact us at or write to us: ANNA and GLYN OSGOTHORPE, 49, ST. MICHAEL'S AVENUE, AYLSHAM, NORFOLK NR11 6YA

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Quiz 26 Food Glorious Food in aid of The Poppy Appeal

Closed: 1630022400 (1630022400)

Quiz No 26: Food Glorious Food The winner of this quiz was Mrs M Jarvis from Rothwell, Runner Up Mr B Stone from Crawley with the Lucky Dip winner Mrs E Mudd from Scarborough. 206 entries received of which 34 were all correct. £294.50 was raised for The Poppy Appeal. The significant order is shown below. 1 Dad holds Rik?s spice H Paprika 2 Bottom of backward hull V Leek 3 Indifferent fruit Fr Fig 4 Bluish violet quartz swindler Fu Amethyst Deceiver 5 Renal pulse P Kidney Bean 6 Pick each and mix P Chickpea 7 Rouge Fu Blusher or russula 8 New Zealander Fr Kiwi 9 Partially burn old penny V Chard 10 A confused PM led a sheep H Marjoram 11 Confused disagreement without Argon H Nutmeg 12 Mixed up a snake and sweetener V Asparagus 13 Harlequin celebrity Fr Quince 14 Herculean metal tun Fu Autumn Chanterelle (anag) 15 Speedy Pop P Poppy Seed 16 PM Gordon?s mixed lintel P Brown Lentil 17 Brown lea hat Fu Buff Meadow Cap 18 Sound like embarrassed flow Fr Redcurrant 19 Capital of Belgium start to grow V Brussels Sprout 20 Michael Bond?s Lion H Parsley 21 25th missile H Yarrow 22 Vegetable used for Kimchi V Cabbage 23 Baby?s bed follows short month Fr Apricot 24 Dark grey colour and stove part Fu Charcoal Burner 25 Pop group ? American pop-rap P Black-eyed Peas 26 Mean bung P Mung Bean 27 Boletus edulis (either spelling) Fu Porcini or Porcino 28 Sounds like apple eaten by elderly relative? Fr Pomegranate 29 Did Lee cry about this vegetable? V Celery 30 Smelly anger H Borage 31 Actor surname ? Dad?s Army and EastEnders H Lavender 32 161181914916 V Parsnip 33 Follows agent and mock Fr Orange 34 Peter Chin Fu The Prince 35 South American Bertholletia excelsa P Brazil nut 36 Baronet hanger rent p Great Northern Bean 37 Sounds like an expensive protection Fu Deer Shield 38 Two trees Fr Pineapple 39 Ball game or soft drink V Squash 40 Husband of Prunella Scales in comedy series H Basil 41 Cove frond H Bay leaf 42 Dawn and Sean V French Bean 43 Perhaps a regretful hook Fr Rhubarb 44 Earthenware erinaceinae Fu Terracotta Hedgehog 45 A lot more of nostalgic daydreams P Almond 46 Cleanable in inn P Cannellini Bean 47 This bowls item may be hard to hold Fu Slippery Jack 48 An older fruit Fr Elderberry 49 Confused expanse of water V Kale 50 Did Jim burn this herb? H Jimbu

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